Jan-Werner Müller


Jan-Werner Müller teaches in the Politics Department, Princeton University, where he is also the Founding Director of the Project in the History of Political Thought.

Livres/Books :
His recent publications include Wo Europa endet
Ungarn, Brüssel und das Schicksal der liberalen Demokratie, Suhrkamp, 2013
Contesting Democracy : Political Ideas in Twentieth-Century, Europe Yale UP, 2011
Constitutional Patriotism, Princeton University Press, 2007
German Ideologies since 1945 : Studies in the Political Thought and Culture of the Bonn Republic, (ed.), Palgrave 2003
Memory and Power in Post-War Europe : Studies in the Presence of the Past, (ed.), Cambridge UP 2002
A Dangerous Mind : Carl Schmitt in Post-War European Thought, Yale UP, 2003
Another Country : German Intellectuals, Unification and National Identity, Yale UP 2000